Billinghay Sawmill is a family owned business established by the owner in 1975. We have produced kiln dried hard woods for a large part of this time and began to machine hard wood flooring 12 years ago. Since this time we have constantly upgraded machinery and kiln facilities in addition to installing a state of the art pre sealing line to ensure a first class product. Buying a hard wood floor from Billinghay Sawmill will add beauty and substantial value to your home. This is not though done at the expense of the environment as our raw materials are all obtained from sustainable forests (certification available).

When the trees reach maturity they are marked, felled and branches stripped ready for transportation. The wood is then 'rough sawn' into planks and is then left to air dry for 9-12 months. Because timber is a natural product it will expand and contract in variations of relative humidity, so for us to be able to supply you with a suitable product that will not warp and twist when laid on the floor of a modern heated home we need to accurately reduce the moisture content to a set level.

To set the moisture content to an accurate standard we take the air dried wood and stabilise the wood in our own drying kilns. This gives us the ability to control exactly how much moisture there is in the wood and this is what allows us to offer such a durable product that will last and keep looking good for a lifetime. When the wood has reached the correct moisture level it is machined and shrink wrapped.

We also stock and supply internal oak doors, skirtings, architrave, worktops and various mouldings to cover most joinery work within the house. The floor boards we manufacture can also be V grooved to produce a wall board which gives an attractive different look to a modern house.

In view of the investment involved in flooring and joinery in your home we strongly recommend that you visit our showroom where large samples of all our products are on view and you can see exactly what you are buying.

We are able to offer our own in-house fitting service or we can provide details of fitters to cover most areas of the country. The flooring is either available un-sealed ready for sanding and sealing in situ or it can be pre-sealed here at the mill. We are also happy to give fitting instructions to cater for your individual situation.

We have a large permanent stock of floors in our warehouse ready for immediate collection or we can arrange nationwide delivery.

For the trade

Billinghay Sawmill will also contract to machine and or pre seal your own timber in wholesale quantities.

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